Our Objectives

The aim and objectives of the College is to provide training to secondary and higher secondary teachers deputed by the schools recognized by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, West Bengal Madrasa Education Board provided the deputation is sanctioned by the Govt. of West Bengal. The college also aspires to prepare prospective teachers for effective teaching in middle (Classes VI-VIII), Secondary (Classes IX-X) and Higher Secondary (XI-XII) levels.
The duration of the B.Ed, course is two academic years which begins in July and ends in June. The classes usually start from first working day of July and the final University Examination is held each semester as and when conducted by the University.
Our teachers try their level best to give proper guidance to all the trainees for addressing the needs of the school students of different classes. They develop different teaching-learning materials and methods to help the trainee teachers to develop themselves. This college encourages new ways of thinking. All teachers of the college are earnestly trying to develop a pedagogy that is less mechanical and more learner-facilitating. With this aim in mind the college is successfully running since inception.
We prepare fresher students for employment in Secondary or Higher Secondary Schools, B. Ed. colleges and also for further higher studies. We also develop Deputed trainees for effective teaching in the class, teacher research and higher studies.
To achieve the above objectives this institution arranges elaborate lectures, intensive tutorial classes, seminars, symposia, debate and discussion. Necessary arrangement for practice teaching is made to provide opportunity to have practical training in teaching. In addition to the above, other co-curricular activities are the regular features of this college. Professional Skill development courses are conducted by the college for enhancing the skill and efficiency of the deputed and prospective trainee teachers.

Our Vision

Vision of the institution is to provide a quality teacher education programme which is value added with professional skill development, orientation of the teacher trainees to quality development of school education. Teacher research is encouraged as well and a Centre for Advanced Research and Professional Skill Development has been developed for this purpose.

Our Mission

Teachers’ education is going to witness a paradigm shift from old age Bachelor of Training to Bachelor of Education. This college has taken teacher education as a mission to enlighten the teachers – both deputed and prospective, with new ideas. Continuous updating of knowledge and use of modern technology in Teacher Education with enhancement of capability through pursuits of higher knowledge have been the mission of the college for which proposals for M.Phil and Ph.D in Education is in the academic planning of the college.