Our College

With an aim to cater to the emerging needs of teacher education in West Bengal, All Bengal Teachers' Association (A.B.T.A.) the premier Secondary Teachers' Organisation of West Bengal took its academic responsilbility for establishing Teachers' Training College in the year 1967. All Bengal Teachers' Training College was born.. This college was renamed as Satyapriya Roy College of Education in the year 2006 to acknowledge the contribution of Satyapriya Roy in the field of School education as well as teachers' movement. This nomenclature has been duly approved by the University of Calcutta and the Government of West Bengal and NCTE by notification. At the national level, National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) has accepted and acknowledged the certification of Bachelor of Education of this college since 1995. The college spread its wings with its M.Ed. Course since 2016, duly approved by NCTE and the Government of West Bengal. The college is affiliated to the West Bengal University of Teachers Training Education Planning and Administration since 2016.

Born : 1st March 1907
Died : 11th February 1978

"...Our mission in every part of this vast continent is the same; it is to spread the light of education to every nook and corner, to dispel the darkness of ignorance and superstition from human heart. Our problems in this benighted land where 70% people are still illiterate are also the same and we must unite across the restrictive state frontiers in our fight for better education to the teeming millions of our countrymen and for better working conditions for millions of teacher and other educational workers in the country".

"... Education has not been brought closer to life. It is still being pursued in an ivory tower atmosphere and while it imparts some dead bits of knowledge and leads to cramming. It does not prepare the educands for the struggle of life and for accelerating the progress and prosperity of the country. The iron curtains round the educational institutions should immediately be broken and they should be made centers of the community activities and the education of the country should be brought in close and constant touch with the struggles of the people in the society, in the fields and the factories."